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Professional WiFi network surveys and audits in hotels, restaurants, offices, industrial facilities.

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    WiFi Site Survey

    Wireless network diagnostics

    Designing and maintaining networks has always been complicated, but wireless networks are more complicated than wired networks. Wired networks bandwidth does not change as the position of the computer or tablet changes. In the case of wireless networks, even a small change in the position of furniture translates directly into network performance.

    A properly conducted network audit allows you to check network performance, failure diagnostics, “blind spots”in the building or simply determining the general condition of the infrastructure (inventory). During the measurements of the wireless network , the radio environment is analyzed – e.g. signal range and level, frequency interference, radio interference.

    Wireless network measurement can be carried out in three ways: passive, active and predictive (simulation). ​

    Pomiar Wi-Fi — aktywny, pasywny, predykcyjny Tamograf Site Survey
    Pomiar Wi-Fi — aktywny, pasywny, predykcyjny
    Tamograf Site Survey

    Passive survey:

    This is the most important type of measurement, during which the most comprehensive data on the RF environment is collected: information about access points and their characteristics, signal strength, noise level, interference etc.


    Active survey:

    During active network testing, the Wi-Fi adapter connects to the selected wireless network, and the measurement application generates network traffic to measure e.g. real network throughput or packet loss.


    Predictive survey – RF Planning:

    This the type of measurement is often called “RF predictive modelling“, “RF planning” or simply wifi coverage simulation. Wi-Fi characteristics are predicted for a user-created virtual environment model. The created virtual model contains walls, doors, windows and other architectural elements as well as natural obstacles, as well as access points set by the user. In other words, it’s a computer simulation. Measurements are not performed. Such simulations are often carried out before the target wireless network is created (e.g. a newly constructed building) or when such a measurement is not possible, e.g. due to travel cost.

    Wifi measurements

    Constant refinement and updates to IEEE standards introduce improvements that can affect where and how many access points to place in a facility or premises.

    iBeeQ WLAN-Ausmessungen

    WiFi4 (IEEE 802.11n) introduced MIMO technology (WiFi devices send and/or receive two or more radio signals simultaneously using several antennas). In this way, increase in data transmission speed and data transfer distances were obtained.

    WiFi5 (IEEE 802.11ac)  – the standard introduced beamforming. Thanks to proper beamforming, the antenna monitors the direction from which the return traffic from the wifi client device comes. Data is sent precisely to the device instead of being sent in all directions.

    WiFi6 & 6E (IEEE 802.11ax) – improved MIMO and beamforming features. The number of concurrent users using the wireless network has been increased. Even higher transmission speeds and longer data transfer distances have been achieved.

    Recently, the first devices operating in the standard have appeared on the market WiFi7IEEE (802.11be). The new standard provides more than 2.4 times the speed increase (up to 46 Gbps) compared to the current WiFi6 standard.

    To wireless in large objects worked correctly, mentioned WiFi measurements should be carried out regularly. A properly conducted audit allows you to determine how individual devices interact with each other, what is the actual WiFi state, where its weak points are. And how secure the network is.

    Metageek Měření v pásmu 2,4 a 5 GHz iBeeQ.com
    Metageek Měření v pásmu 2,4 a 5 GHz iBeeQ.com

    Our procedures

    when measuring Wi-Fi site surveys


    We start the WiFi network audit by checking the status and configuration of devices in your facility


    Using our software and devices, we check the performance of the WiFi network in various places in your hotel or office


    We check the range and coverage of the network in every place of your facility, we set points without coverage


    We optimize wireless networks by correctly configuring the settings or adding new access devices


    We end the WiFi audit by re-testing the network coverage and performance

    The most common errors in the operation of the wireless network in the hotel.

    Check below which wireless symptoms you are experiencing at your business or hotel.
    You can then easily send them to us. And we will try to solve these problems.

      We plan, measure, analyze and optimize existing or new WLAN installations.

      Our partners

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      Ekahau Certified Survey Engineer

      WiFi network measurements

      We perform professional measurements of WiFi networks in hotels, restaurants, offices, and industrial facilities. As one of the few companies in Poland, we have an Ekahau Certified Survey Engineer, the software which we use during measurements.

      Ekahau is one of the world’s most popular providers of solutions for planning, modernizing, and verifying wireless networks. Thanks to their solutions, we can quickly and efficiently plan a WiFi network also in the largest facilities, so that the Internet works everywhere at the same, good speed – even for several hundred users. Ekahau solutions are successfully used in large groups of people – such as stations, airports, or hotels. Around the world, their solutions are used by 15,000 users, and over 100 of them belong to the Forbes Fortune 500 list.

      Using the Ekahau software during the design and management of wireless networks allows us to significantly reduce the implementation time of the entire project, as well as appropriate coverage of each (office, hotel, factory) space with network access.

      WiFi not working?

      We know perfectly well that each hotel is different, therefore we create individual solutions for each facility that best meet the requirements of both customers and owners.