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    We help hotels and businesses accelerate their technological evolution by providing an integrated portfolio of cutting-edge products, including commercial TVs and services that guarantee high-quality entertainment.

    Platforma multimedialna Hoteza dla hoteli

    Hotel TV

    Hotel TV is the perfect solution for hotels, offering the highest quality entertainment to guests.

    Easy-to-use TV solutions are the perfect complement to a comfortable stay for guests. Thanks to the advanced DVB and IPTV technology, you can deliver TV programs to every room. Hotel TVs provide stable, digital signal reception and a wide range of channels, including sports, news and entertainment.

    iBeeQ - Najlepsze wifi w hotelu

    Internet for guests

    Wireless internet access for hotel guests is an essential service in the digital age.

    We use state-of-the-art WiFi technology to ensure a reliable and fast connection for all guests. Dedicated WiFi networks are tailored to the needs of hotels, providing extensive signal coverage in every room. Regardless of the number of guests and devices, advanced WiFi technology ensures a stable connection and high speeds.

    Jak uruchomić Netflix w hotelu

    Streaming and Chromecast in the hotel

     Sending content from mobile devices to the TV in the hotel room is an important feature for guests traveling with tablets and smartphones.

    Casting systems allow you to conveniently share and watch your favorite content on a large TV screen. This functionality is especially important as guests enjoy a variety of streaming platforms, games and apps on their mobile devices. We carry out professional measurements and audits of WiFi networks to ensure smooth and trouble-free transmission of content to the TV.

    Hotelowe aplikacje dla gości

    Mobile applications for hotels

    Mobile applications for hotels are not only to facilitate the stay of guests traveling with their own mobile devices, but also an effective marketing tool.

    Thanks to them, guests can easily book rooms, check the availability of services, order meals and submit service requests. Mobile applications personalize the guest experience and provide easy access to information about the hotel and its attractions. By working with us, you ensure the efficient and smooth operation of your mobile applications. Give your guests a unique experience using mobile apps for hotels.

    Pomiary wifi Tamograph

    WiFi measurements

    Wireless measurement is critical to the design and operation of WiFi networks.

    Precise wireless measurements and audits ensure optimal operation and performance of your network. Identifying weak spots, interferences and areas of poor coverage allows us to develop effective signal improvement strategies. Thanks to this, we can optimally place access points and adjust network parameters, ensuring a stable and fast connection for guests, employees and customers. Wireless network measurements are crucial for optimal WiFi network performance.

    Telewizja DVB-T po skrętce kategorii 5/6/7

    Technological innovations

    Discover a new era of technology with extraordinary innovations and extraordinary technological solutions that change the way guests experience TV and internet in the hotel.

    Have you ever imagined transmitting a TV signal over a twisted-pair cable? Or maybe you were faced with a fait accompli and in your hotel, someone forgot about antenna cables and TV sets do not receive IPTV? Or would you like to run IPTV and high-speed internet in the hotel, and there is no LAN infrastructure? Are you interested in high-speed internet using coaxial cables in the antenna network?

    Teracue-Encoder ENC 400-Serie (iBeeQ)

    Service and devices

    We comprehensively deliver, install and service headends for hotels, ensuring the latest television standards, such as DVB-T, DVB-C and IPTV.

    We specialize in designing hotel television networks, tailored to the individual needs of each hotel. Our solutions provide a rich selection of channels, excellent picture and sound quality and easy service for guests. In addition, we offer the design and installation of wireless Internet access for guests, ensuring a fast and reliable connection throughout the hotel. We also provide professional TV installation, optimal placement and access to all necessary functions. As part of a comprehensive service, we also provide hotel TV service, keeping them in perfect technical condition.

    Don't risk losing guests due to outdated technology.

    These days, the right technology matters more than ever.

    Don’t risk losing guests due to outdated technology.

    These days, the right technology matters more than ever.

    Let us take care of the technological needs of your hotel.

    Contact us today and see how we can help you succeed in the hospitality industry.

    The right technology is essential for a better guest experience

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    The customer is the most important

    We will introduce you to easy-to-use and user-friendly technological solutions that will ensure a positive experience for every guest.

    Experts in the industry

    We combine our passion for guest service with extensive technological knowledge to make your hotel memorable.

    Innovations and trends

    Gain an advantage over the competition by using the latest technologies in accordance with the recommendations of our team of experts.

    Technology that works

    The implementation of effective and trouble-free solutions for each room in the hotel will contribute to raising the reputation of the hotel and encourage repeated stays.

    Comprehensive solutions

    We provide you with access to the latest technology, such as hotel TVs, communication systems, wireless Internet access and entertainment for guests and much more.

    Trusted team

    Leading hotel brands rely on our services and advice to stay competitive in the market.

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    Especially for you

    We are there for you from the moment of design, through the ordering process, logistics and adaptation of technology to the rooms.

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    Technological audit

    We will introduce you to easy-to-use and user-friendly technological solutions that will ensure a positive experience for every guest.

    We focus on simplicity.

    With us, you don't have to delve into complicated technical jargon. Leave it to the experts who will provide you with advice and support.

    Professional and trustworthy

    The references we have received from our clients confirm the high quality of the work performed. We are happy to share our experience and professional knowledge.  We always help in solving both technical problems and in choosing solutions that optimize their work.

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    We know the answer to these and many other questions about hotel multimedia. You don’t need to be tech savvy. Of course, we’ll be happy to explain everything. But we know that no one will take better care of your guests than you!