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Everything for your guests. In one place.

A Easy and flexible IPTV solution for the hospitality industry with dedicated guest services. Unique system capabilities and a complete multimedia platform.

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We create digital solutions that help hotel guests
receive the most positive emotions from their stay

Hotelowa platforma multimedialna Hoteza

Real hotel IPTV​

Ekran powitalny telewizja w hotelu

Welcome screen

Impress guests from the very beginning of their journey with a personalized welcome screen, wishing them a pleasant stay.

Integracja z PMS

Fully integrated with PMS

Guest registration and stay information, bill view, wake-up calls, messages.

Wiadomość dla gościa

Guest messages

Open a channel for easy communication and meaningful, effective interactions between your guests and staff through two-way messaging for a great service experience.

zamawianie do pokoju

Orders to the room

Let your guests order food and drinks from a custom-designed interactive menu and include photos for the most complete presentation.

Rezerwacja SPA przez telewizor hotelowy

Restaurant and SPA reservations

Pozwól swoim gościom zarezerwować stolik w Twojej restauracji lub zabieg SPA w Twoim centrum odnowy biologicznej.

Promocja w telewizji hotelowej

Marketing module

Create personalized marketing campaigns using different triggers to reach different guests and take upselling to the next level.

Sterowanie telewizorem w hotelu ze smartfonu

Virtual TV Remote

The virtual remote allows guests to use their own device to control the hotel TV in their own room

Budzik w telewizorze hotelowym

Budík na hotelové televizi

Na televizoru lze snadno nastavit funkci automatického buzení pro flexibilní obsluhu hostů

Informacje o hotelu w telewizorze hotelowym

Hotel information

Easily display all important hotel information and allow your guests easy access via the TV in the hotel room

Atrakcje w okolicy hotelu

Destination information

Make sure your guests can explore destination and give them an insight into the best it has to offer

Hoteza - CMS dla hoteli

One common CMS

Use one interface to manage different Hoteza products: TV, Mobile, HotPad and HotSign.

Ochrona inwestycji

Investment protection

Using the SmartTV platform, you can update system functions without having to replace the hardware

Let your guests stream their own content to the hotel TV

Chromecast w telewizji hotelowej

Hoteza Stream is a centralized streaming solution using Google Chromecast and Apple TV devices, allowing guests to easily share their own content from any device wirelessly connected to the TV in the hotel room.

Control smart room systems from your TV screen

Now your guests can control lights, air conditioning and electric curtains with the TV remote control – intelligent room control at your fingertips.

Hoteza Inteligentny pokój hotelowy
Cyfrowy hotel

Go green!

Take the first step towards paperless operations and deliver digital information on all hotel facilities

Marketing w telewizji hotelowej

Show, not just tell!

Visualize your marketing campaigns and offers to create more compelling content

Presonalizacja w hotelu

Personalization is the key

Create an unforgettable personalized guest experience throughout stay

Ankieta gościa w telewizji hotelowej

Listen to your guests!

Receive guest feedback in a timely manner with plenty of response time

Branding and personalization

The flexibility of the application provides unlimited customization possibilities fully compliant with the standards of your corporate brand.

You're in good company

More than 500 hotels around the world already use the Hoteza system

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Hoteza TV

A flexible approach to solutions that allows you to focus on what matters most to you and your guests. Hoteza is compatible with various brands of hotel TVs.
Not only with Samsung and LG TVs

Telewizory hotelowe LG -
Telewizory hotelowe Hitachi -
Telewizory hotelowe JVC -
Telewizory hotelowe sony
Telewizory hotelowe Philips -
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Learn more about Hoteza solutions

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The hotel industry is a place,
where tradition meets innovation.

The hotel industry is one of those industries where the oldest traditions meet the latest technology. And it’s not always a controversy, as the traditions of hospitality are all about making guests feel welcome and valued – which is very much achievable with the latest technology.

What can make someone feel more welcome than a personalized approach?

Hoteza uses technology to take personalization to a whole new level. With more than 500 installations worldwide, unique data has been collected on how guests interact with hotels. Several potential ideas have been turned into a reality where hotels become intelligent entities and can directly interact with guests and the hotel environment is aware of guest preferences.

Hoteza products represent the latest technology that hotels can realistically adopt today. We are constantly working on further innovations. It is the hotels and the innovative technology they use that must keep up with Hoteza’s innovations. That’s why Hoteza products are best appreciated in exclusive and luxury boutique hotels that consider the unique features of hospitality solutions as part of their value proposition.

Hoteza w pokoju hotelowym

We connect people...

Let’s take a closer look at what exactly Hoteza products are in terms of innovative technology. Over the past two decades, computer networks have become commonplace in many hotels and have opened the door to many applications that have connected guests to hotels and enabled a new way of interaction. The most common innovations that still play an important role are interactive TV and High Speed Internet Access (HSIA). By connecting the TV to a computer network and providing an interactive user interface on the screen, hotels can eliminate the middleman for guests and enable face-to-face communication and infotainment.

HSIA allows multiple guest devices to be connected so guests can interact with the hotel, surf the web, stream online videos, run hotel apps and even work remotely.

Direct interaction

With the availability of tablets in hotels, the number of screens has increased, which in turn has increased convenience and increased the number of interactions between guests. Where previously they had to answer the phone or go to the front desk, now guests can simply tap the screens to order room service, a taxi transfer or dinner.

Smartphones and personal devices have improved such interactions in terms of both mobility and frequency. Smart locks with Bluetooth and NFC eliminated the need to get a smart card at the front desk to unlock the room. Guest Room Management and Control (GRMS) allowed guests a smart way to control their surroundings by adjusting lighting, temperature, fragrance, sound and curtains. Hoteza has put all these interactions on all available screens and devices to help guests feel that they truly own the hotel and can easily customize it to their wishes.

Klucz mobilny Hoteza

A smarter environment

By installing all Hoteza products in the hotel, the guest can take full advantage of the “smart hotel” and “connected room” concepts. For example, a guest can make a reservation, receive a confirmation on their smartphone, use the link provided to open the hotel brand app, make changes to a future stay and submit the necessary documents to avoid long waits at the reception, go directly to the room and unlock the door with a key mobile, see a personalized greeting on the TV screen.

Use your in-room tablet or smartphone to dim the lights, order dinner, or schedule spa treatments for the next day. Express self check out is also available and later and face to face communication is still available through the same app they used for self check in, room unlocking, lighting control and ordering food and services. It is true that we have managed to make guests and their personal devices the center of hotel interaction.

Hoteza takes care of guests

Hoteza Guest Journey

Hoteza cares about guests, but also pays attention to the comfort of hotel staff and management. Proprietary software allows guests to order in-room services directly from a smartphone, tablet or TV, which saves hotel staff time and automates it to the point of printing food orders directly at the hotel meal point of sale. Guests can avoid calling the front desk for most matters and simply request an extra pillow or blanket, call the service or book a transfer with just a few clicks. Once the room control is installed, setting the DnD status is also done with one click.

These interactions are supported by an integrated property management system and task management software that keeps hotel operations well organized and transparent. Hotel management can download all the data they need to analyze guest behavior and improve hotel marketing, ancillary services and room reservation sales, and maintain peak hotel operations performance.