Hospitality TVs

Upgrade your hotel with the latest hotel TVs

Thanks to cooperation with leading manufacturers of professional hotel TV sets, we are able to offer economical solutions tailored to the needs of the hotel. We deliver and install TV sets in the hotel.

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    Hotel TVs

    For some, a useless gadget or another way to extort money. For others, standard hotel room equipment and a great marketing tool.

    Why is a hotel TV more expensive than those available in supermarkets? And why can't you buy it in an ordinary electronics store?

    Hotel TV sets, which cannot be hidden, are more expensive than TV sets intended for home use. These are not great differences, but there will always be buyers who decide to save a few pennies and choose cheaper consumer TVs for the hotel. But the savings are only apparent.

    The higher price is often due to the use of advanced technology. For example, more efficient processors than in home TVs that have to meet the increasing demands of hotel software.

    It is also characteristic that hospitality TV sets are practically impossible to buy in electronics stores. The reason is very simple. Hotel TV sets are commercial solutions, and it is usually a completely separate department in the organization of a company that produces equipment. Different distribution, different technical support department.

    One of the most important features by which you can easily distinguish a hotel TV from an ordinary TV (even with the so-called hotel mode) is the 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. With an additional option to extend up to 5 years. This distinguishes hospitality TVs, intended for commercial use, from consumer TVs, which are covered by a warranty of no more than 2 years.

    Hospitality TVs Hotel TV Hitachi 55HBL7310
    Hotel TV Hitachi 55HBL7310

    What is the difference between a hotel TV and the one we use at home?

    Hotel TV sets are primarily a very large number of functions, unheard of in consumer TV sets. The matter is simple – at home they are unnecessary. But in the hotel – as he found.


    Hotel TV LG 55US662H
    Hotel TV LG 55US662H

    Of the many available functions, we can list the access lock to the TV settings so that guests are not tempted to change, for example, the list of channels. Cloning, i.e. transferring settings between TV sets in a hotel. This function greatly facilitates and shortens the work related to TV programming. Of course, at the forefront of hotel functions, the so-called welcome screen. Where, after turning on the TV, the guest is greeted by the hotel logo, a properly designed board or a welcome film. And a properly programmed TV set automatically redirects the visitor to, for example, a hotel advertising channel.

    However, such features are sometimes also found in regular TVs with Hotel Mode. So is it worth betting on hospitality TVs?

    One channel list

    One of the unusual features of home TVs that few people pay attention to is a common channel list. In a hotel, it often happens that television is transmitted from many sources – terrestrial, cable, satellite and even IPTV. In a hotel TV, thanks to the “One Channel map” / “Mixing Channel” function (manufacturers call this functionality differently) we can make one list of channels from various TV signal sources. Many hoteliers fell for the lower price and bought TVs with hotel mode instead of hotel TVs for the hotel. This feature is simply not available there. The guests quickly verified the wrong decisions. It cost the hotel several thousand zlotys, which had to purchase an unplanned headend.

    Philips Hotel-TV 55HFL5214U
    Philips Hotel-TV 55HFL5214U

    Central management

    Hotel TVs show their true power only in conjunction with a platform for managing TVs and content display systems. Each of the manufacturers of TV sets in our offer has developed its own way of managing TV settings. The bigger the hotel, the more TV sets, the easier this solution is and relieves the employees of the technical department.

    Thanks to central management, the process of changing the channel list or updating the TV software comes down to confirming the task. We also get access to monitoring the operation of televisions.

    Hotel TV solutions

    Unfortunately, the solutions of individual manufacturers are incompatible with each other. Third-party software can be used to connect TV sets from several manufacturers with one management system and CMS.

    CMS content display

    Hotel TV sets have a unique ability to prepare a content display system. It is an excellent marketing, information and advertising tool for the hotel. If it is regularly used by the hotel, it can strengthen the sale of hotel services and increase the satisfaction of the guest’s stay in the hotel.

    Hotelová televize Samsung HG55EJ690
    Hotelová televize Samsung HG55EJ690

    In the last twenty years, there have been two major changes in television design. The change of large, heavy receivers with CRT screens to light flat LCD screens and digital television displacing analog television.

    There are several new manufacturers of television sets for hotels. Thanks to this, the price range of hotel TVs has become very diverse. From cheap receivers competing in price with supermarket TV sets, with functions reserved so far for “pure” hotel rooms. Such as a welcome screen or cloning settings via USB.

    For complex devices, offering high quality corresponding to its price. The built-in satellite or IPTV receiver is becoming a standard in hotel TV sets. Often in TVs we can find Android or Linux systems. It can even be argued that modern hotel TV sets are a specific type of computer with an LCD display attached.

    This is the perfect solution for continuously expanding the services available through your TV. And most importantly, these solutions are no longer reserved only for top hotel TV models.

    Why is it worth trusting specialists and recommending them to choose the right TV sets for the specifics of the hotel?

    We make sure that the selection of hotel TVs is perfect for an optimal guest experience. We work according to the requirements and budget of your hotel. Whether it’s a high-end TV brand or an entry-level brand, our TV solutions ensure you always give your guests a great experience at your property.

    Hotel TVs in our offer

    Telewizory hotelowe LG -

    With the special hotel mode on LG TVs, you will create an amazing impression on your guests.

    LG US760H Hotelfernseher
    Telewizory hotelowe Hitachi -

    We offer innovative solutions tailored to your needs at an attractive price.

    Telewizor hotelowy Hitachi 43HBL7310
    Telewizory hotelowe JVC -

    JVC TVs are designed to add value to your business.

    Telewizor hotelowy JVC
    Telewizory hotelowe Philips -

    Guests can experience the relaxation and comfort of home with stylish Philips TVs.

    Telewizor hotelowy Philips 65HFL7111T_12
    Telewizory hotelowe Samsung -

    Samsung hospitality TVs offer guests a brilliant picture with a quality that matches what they know from their homes.

    Telewizor hotelowy Samsung HJ470
    Telewizor hotelowy Telefunken

    TVs with basic hotel mode, providing exceptional quality and functionality.

    Telewizor hotelowy Telefunken_

    Are you looking for a TV set for your facility?

    We know perfectly well that each hotel is different, therefore we create individual solutions for each facility that best meet the requirements of both customers and owners.