Netflix w hotelu

Netflix at the hotel – streaming media vs. hotel TV.

Streaming services are becoming an increasingly popular media consumption channel. How are they affecting the hotel industry? Still many hotels have a modest TV offer. Mainly based on terrestrial television. This translates into guest satisfaction with the stay in such a facility, and indirectly also into revenue. Guest dissatisfaction is a high probability

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Covid -19 im Hotel -

Technology to fight the pandemic – COVID-19 at the hotel

The COVID-19 epidemic has completely changed our lives. Hotels have been forced to create new procedures and ways of working. The existing rules of coexistence have been limited and subordinated to the fight against the epidemic. Great emphasis was placed on “touchless” guest service. How has it influenced the hotel industry and how to use technologies to make it a little easier?

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Teracue logo-

GSS Smart Solution and Teracue

GSS Smart Solution acquires the product and trademark rights of Teracue GmbH and expands its product portfolio with highly professional HDMI and SDI end encoders. As well as software solutions for digital signage and IPTV and DVB signal transcoding.

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Modernization of the wifi network in the Park hotel in Świdnica

The three-star Park Hotel in Świdnica is located in a quiet part of the city, in the vicinity of a park, and only a few minutes’ walk from the city’s greatest attractions. The hotel required modernization of the wifi infrastructure and the implementation of a high-performance network throughout the facility for hotel guests. And also to support the POS system, terminals…

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How not to replace TVs in the hotel because of DVB-T2?

There are only a few months left to turn off the first terrestrial TV transmitters in the DVB-T MPEG4 transmission system. They will be replaced by the new, more efficient DVB-T2 H.265 HEVC standard. Is the only way out is to replace all TV sets or give up receiving terrestrial TV channels?

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iBeeQ_ harmonogram_wyłączeń_nadajników_DVB-T

Check if your TV is ready for DVB-T2 HEVC H.265?

Will the TV sets for the hotel, purchased recently, 3-4 years ago, receive terrestrial TV channels after the broadcasting method is changed? Especially since many facilities base their TV offer only on terrestrial television? Check if your TV model is in our TV finder that will work with the DVB-T2 H.265 HEVC system.

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HSIA hotel internet

Internet in the hotel – or what?

Hotel internet is the second most important criterion for evaluating a hotel. How to design a hotel network so that it ensures security and adequate performance, and that guests are satisfied? Is the basis of every wifi network in the hotel, even the smallest ones, measuring the wifi network or simulating the coverage of the wireless network signal?

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