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Multimedia entertainment for your hotel guests

With our many years of experience, we are able to create a digital TV system for any property, regardless of size or design.  We also distribute hotel TV equipment, such as TV sets and headends and service existing networks.

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    Smart TV solutions for hotels

    Television has long ceased to be only a tool to watch movies. In the XXI century, this device is a true entertainment centre, allowing you to use the Internet or streaming services.

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    It is the same with hotel television – it is one of the most important elements of a hotel room, as is good access to the hotel internet and provides entertainment during long stays. Modern hotel TV systems can also be used to communicate with guests, provide them with up-to-date information and present the hotel offer.

    Hotel TV has a significant impact on guests’ satisfaction, so it should be easy to use, failure-free, modern and provide access to a wide range of channels, both for Polish and foreign guests.

    The guest’s contact with the hotel TV system starts already at check-in – the TV greets the guest by name in his/her native language, it can also show world news based on nationality. The TV also allows managing the stay in the hotel, starting with viewing the bill or the hotel offer (such as SPA or restaurant). It is a valuable source of information about attractions in the area or the current weather.

    Customers in their rooms watch, for example, films on YouTube, use the Internet or services offering films on demand. More and more frequently, TV sets are expanded with additional possibilities, such as Chromecast.


    Guests in their rooms watch, for example, films on YouTube, use the Internet or services offering films on demand. More and more often, TV sets are expanded with additional possibilities such as Chromecast.

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    Nowadays, the TV set is becoming a display with an attached software environment – Android, WebOS, Linux are increasingly common in hotel TVs. It is the software that determines what the system will offer the guest in the room.

    The main task is to offer guests additional services to make their stay as pleasant as possible. There are at least a dozen interactive TV systems for hotels on the market. The differences between them are more technical than substantive.

    Interactive hotel television is one of the elements permanently inscribed in the standards of 4- and 5-star hotels, especially those belonging to international chains. However, nothing stands in the way of introducing similar solutions in hotels that do not belong to international chains. Multimedia technology is also available for smaller facilities.

    Hotel TV allows access to a not-so-rich offer of free DVB-T digital terrestrial TV programs. The next step in the development of hotel TV is usually providing guests with satellite broadcasts via a headend – a special type of receiver that allows its further transmission to individual hotel rooms.

    Analog TV signal transmission has been practically replaced by digital standards. But you can still find such solutions in hotels. There are several methods of transmitting a digital TV signal in a hotel, which uses different media.

    Based on coaxial cable and standard aerial installation:

    digital DVB-T/T2 – for receivers with DVB-T/T2 module
    digital DVB-C – for receivers with DVB-C module
    digital DVB-S/S2/SX – providing direct access to satellite signal for TVs with built-in satellite receiver and multiswitch installation

    based on LAN computer network

    digital IPTV – for TV sets with IPTV module or Set-Top-Box devices

    Our services

    We have over twenty years of experience in providing services and selling equipment and devices.

    To increase the attractiveness of the programme offer and at the same time to increase the prestige of the hotel, we can provide your guests with access to programmes not available in free-to-air broadcasts – ‘premium’ pay channels. Introducing pay channels requires signing appropriate agreements with the channel operators and paying monthly fees.

    Every hotel is different and has its specifics, so we can advise you on the right individual solution for your hotel TV.



    We design TV systems in hotels of any size, using all available solutions and technologies

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    Our qualified and experienced team of technicians will install a hotel TV system on your property



    We distribute TVs, headends, multiswitches and network equipment



    We service existing TV installations and hotel equipment

    Are you looking for a solution for your hotel?

    We know perfectly well that each hotel is different, therefore we create individual solutions for each facility that best meet the requirements of both customers and owners.