Internet solutions for the hotel industry

We create hotel WiFi networks

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to create a fast internet network in every facility, regardless of its size or structure. Fast and stable Internet in a hotel is currently one of the most important factors when choosing a hotel by a guest.

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    Internet in the hotel

    Regardless of whether the hotel is a holiday facility or a typical business facility – high-speed internet is crucial for customers.

    Internet for hotels

    Internet for hotels

    We deal with WiFi networks and internet access for guests in hotel facilities at every stage – from network design to its implementation. We also offer service and modernization of existing wireless networks.

    Site Survey - one of our basic services is WiFi measurements.

    A well-conducted network measurement helps in designing a wireless network, but also in diagnosing problems in existing wifi networks. Based on the examination of the entire object, we are able to find blind spots – that is, those where there is no signal or when the signals interfere with each other.

    Unusual solutions.

    Using our partners’ solutions, we also create WiFi networks in complex facilities where it is impossible to lay new cables – e.g. in historic buildings or modern concrete structures.

    We also modernize and service existing networks – our clients’ hotels are under constant service, which allows to reduce the time of lack of access to the Internet.

    We create hotel WiFi networks

    We have twenty years of experience in providing services and selling equipment. Internet for hotels.



    We design wifi systems in hotels of any size.

    Internet WWW


    Professional installations based on devices and systems dedicated to hotels.


    We are an authorized distributor of devices from many manufacturers.
    We guarantee attractive prices!



    We service existing wifi installations and hotel equipment



    We have the ECSE – Ekahau Certified Survey Engineer certificate


    Are you looking for a solution for your hotel?

    We know perfectly well that each hotel is different, therefore we create individual solutions for each facility that best meet the requirements of both customers and owners.