Video surveillance

We provide equipment for professional use

We deal with CCTV video surveillance in hotels, restaurants and industrial facilities at every stage – from design, through the selection of devices, installation and service.

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    CCTV Video surveillance

    Video surveillance has become a standard in hotels and accommodation facilities. It increases the level of security of both guests and employees.


    There are many solutions from various manufacturers on the market. However, due to the specificity of the facility, which is a hotel, not all devices will work in such conditions.

    We are a certified partner

    We specialize in CCTV and video surveillance systems, based on the IP protocol. However, in specific facilities, modern analog TV systems will be much more effective. Our technicians and designers will offer you the best solution.

    Professional video monitoring systems record high-quality images during the day and at night. Some cameras can also record images at night or in dark rooms, also in color. Artificial intelligence allows you to avoid false alarms, and in addition, you can automatically control the number of people in a designated area or locate people with a fever.

    Alarm systems, thanks to the use of security measures that focus on specific needs and threats, such as detection of smoke, water leaks or the relocation of important objects, alarm products help to build an advanced security system that monitors all situations. Based on several years of experience in multimedia and low-voltage installations in the hotel industry, iBeeQ has set high standards. We have established cooperation directly with producers and / or official representatives of producers. Thanks to this, all technical problems arising during the installation, as well as those arising during the operation of the systems, are solved quickly and efficiently.

    Are you looking for a solution for your hotel?

    We know perfectly well that each hotel is different, therefore we create individual solutions for each facility that best meet the requirements of both customers and owners.