Let your guests stream
their favorite media directly to your hotel room TV.

Simple Content Streaming for Hotels

Our solutions transform TVs into modern entertainment systems in the hotel room. Designed by Google Chromecast, for seamless integration with existing hotel infrastructure. They use simple methods such as scanning the QR code displayed on the TV to open a secure connection between the guest’s mobile device and the TD

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    Entertainment in the hotel room,
    the same as at home.

    How hoteliers can affordably improve the quality of entertainment in their hotel?

    Simple pairing with the TV

    BeeCast TV logo v1

    The BeeCast solution increases guest convenience
    and satisfaction with their stay at the hotel.

    On question: 

    Do you want to be able to stream Netflix, Youtube, HBO, Player, CDA to your TV in your hotel room?

    65% of guests responded positively that they want to be able to cast content from their own device to the TV in the guest room.

    Attractive entertainment in the hotel room

    The BeeCast TV platform allows guests to easily stream their own content from their own device to the TV in their room. No need to download or install any apps.

    Using the guest room’s existing Wi-Fi connection, guests equipped with Android, iOSmobile devices as well as computers Windows 10, 11 and MacOS can effortlessly enjoy a larger TV screen right away.

    Chromecast Streaming  for hotels.
    BeeCast TV - it couldn't be easier!

    With the ever-increasing demand for streaming services, the simple and affordable casting solution is the perfect complement to the entertainment offer in the guest room.

    Połącz się z siecią wifi

    Connect to hotel wifi.

    QR iBeeQ-1

    Scan the QR code on your TV screen.

    Prześlij swój ulubiony film na telewizor w pokoju hotelowym

    Watch your favorite movies, series, sports events on your TV screen.

    Benefits for the guest

    • Easy to use: 3-step setup
    • Secure: No sensitive data is collected or stored
    • Compatible with most devices on the market
    • Supported by over 2,100 apps
    • Access your favorite movies, series, sports events and much more – over 200,000 items
    Chromecast w hotelu

    Benefits for hotels

    • For any type of object, regardless of size
    • Increases guest satisfaction and loyalty
    • A flexible solution works on all TVs
      with HDMI ports
    • Simple deployment
    • Central Management. Access to analysis and service reports
    • Cost savings related to the purchase of a wide range of TV channels
    Panel administracyjny BeeCast iBeeQ

    The BeeCast system works on any TV with an HDMI input. No special TVs or features are required.

    Yes, connection is secure. All sensitive data is stored on guest devices. System login process, assigns TV in the guest’s room to their device. It is not possible to display movies or other content on other TVs.

    The BeeCast system works on any TV with a HDMI input. No special TVs or features required

    Google Chromecast allows multimedia content to be played on the TV in the living room and supports over 2,000 applications.

    List of sample apps that Chromecast supports:

    • Netflix
    • Youtube
    • Amazon Prime
    • Disney+
    • HBO
    • Player
    • CDA
    • TVP VOD
    • WP Pilot
    • Polsat Box Go
    • MUBI
    • Spotify
    • Tidal

    No, they won’t.

    Systems for managing TVs or displaying content do not interfere with the Chromecast solution in any way. What’s more, Chromecast is an excellent extension of the capabilities of these systems. Which additionally affects the satisfaction of guests staying at the hotel.

    To implement a movie-to-TV system, the hotel is required to:

    • any TV with an HDMI connector
    • stable wifi with good signal coverage
    • good internet connection  (average 2.5 Mb/room)

    Our solution works with any type of hotel TV, both IPTV and and based on coaxial cables. No integration is required with other IT and multimedia systems in the hotel.

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      Are you looking for a solution for your hotel?

      We know perfectly well that each hotel is different, therefore we create individual solutions for each facility that best meet the requirements of both customers and owners.

      Multimedia platform and entertainment center in a hotel room

      The number of available applications is constantly growing. Not only Netflix, Youtube or Amazon Prime or Disney+. Our solutions also support many Polish streaming servicesservices VOD,  such Player.pl, Ipla, CDA, WP Pilot and many more.

      The welcome screen greets guests with a personalized hotel design. It tells them how to connect their devices to play movies, videos and music.

      Feature films and documentaries, series, sports events, information, music and much, much more, available on any TV model with an HDMI connector. Over 200,000 items.

      Just connect your mobile device to the TV for a secure, fast and seamless connection!

      Simplest Content Streaming for Hotels

      Chromecast iBeeQ