Mobile apps

For large and small hotel facilities

The mobile application is not only a guarantee of making life easier, but also an indispensable tool in times of a pandemic.


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    Hotel mobile applications

    World-class, easy-to-use multi-language applications.

    Mobile Application

    In-room services and shopping, restaurant and SPA reservations, taxi hailing, wake-up calls, weather forecast, flight arrival and departure schedules. These are just some of the functions offered by mobile applications. 

    In times of a pandemic, one of the most important elements of prevention is to minimise personal contact and eliminate sources of accidental infection, e.g. contact with uninfected surfaces. A hotel mobile application is a solution that perfectly fits into the recommendations of the fight against Covid-19. Beginning with booking and contactless check-in of a guest in the hotel, through remote ordering and reservation of services, SPA treatments, tables in the restaurant or meals to the room, ending with quick check-out. All via a mobile app for hotels and all from the guest’s device.

    Hoteza Web 3

    More and more guests prefer to write messages or press a button than to call the front desk. Our apps allow guests to easily contact hotel staff, report a problem or provide feedback on their stay. It is an excellent real-time marketing tool that enables information to be sent to guest devices.

    To run the most important functions, the applications do not require integration with the reception system. They work independently of the platform (Android, iOS, Linux and others). Thanks to cloud management, applications are easy to configure.

    Klucz mobilny Hoteza

    Mobile key technology. If the guest leaves the key card in the room, no problem. The guest can always open the room using a smartphone. The application must be installed on the device (Android, iOS).

    Are you looking for a solution for your facility?

    We know perfectly well that each hotel is different, therefore we create individual solutions for each facility that best meet the requirements of both customers and owners.