Technology to fight the pandemic – COVID-19 at the hotel

Covid -19 im Hotel -

Technology to fight the pandemic – COVID-19 at the hotel

COVID-19 at the hotel

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, hotels were forced to create new ones procedures and ways of working. The existing rules of coexistence have been limited and subordinated to the fight against the epidemic. Much emphasis was placed on “contactless” guest service. Non-contact points for hand disinfection, payments, automatic check-in, bathroom faucets … Thanks to modern technology, many important procedures related to virus protection and safety of hotel guests can be automated.

One of the most important solutions that can and must be introduced in a hotel today is a non-contact temperature measurement system. The solution will be useful both during an epidemic and in “safe” times. Such systems are known from airports, where they are used for thermovision temperature measurement of passengers and isolating potential virus carriers from the crowd. The systems used there must meet a number of standards and comply with safety standards.

However, in hotels, there are no such requirements and with such a task, modern video monitoring systems are perfect for this. By using thermal imaging cameras with special software, the hotel is able to ensure the safety of its guests and employees. A thermal imaging camera measures with an accuracy of tenths of degrees Celsius in less than one second. The measurement is made automatically, non-contact and discreetly. Thanks to this, it does not affect the comfort of guests in any way and does not cause any disturbances in moving around the hotel.

Temperature measurement is carried out over a large area, from a long distance, and covers up to several dozen people (objects) at the same time. This is important because tourists and conference participants often form or move in groups. The artificial intelligence systems used in the software for temperature analysis are capable of measuring temperature in people wearing masks or hats. The system software performs a thorough image analysis and information (messages) are transferred to the system operator, and the recorded video or photo will allow for quick recognition of a suspect person. If it is not possible to install such a solution permanently, you can use the mobile version, i.e. install the camera on a tripod and connect it to the software analyzing the image.

Artificial intelligence in the fight against COVID-19 in the hotel.

Security against COVID-19 at the hotel

The non-contact temperature measurement may be supplemented by a system for recognizing the use of protective masks. Artificial intelligence systems automatically detect people without wearing a face mask. During an epidemic, when wearing masks is mandatory, such a system automatically checks compliance with the recommendations.

The existing modern video monitoring system in the hotel can be expanded with additional, very useful and even required functionalities in times of an epidemic. One of such functions is counting people passing through a given area, e.g. front door or lobby. Thanks to the image analysis functions, you can precisely control the number of people currently staying in the facility or part of it. In critical situations, where not only the measurement of the number of people is needed, but also access control, such a system can be supplemented with gates that will automatically regulate access to individual parts of the building or even the entire facility. If the number of people exceeds the allowed number, the gates will not allow additional people. Such a system, especially in large facilities, allows for better and more efficient organization of work.

Access control systems based on facial recognition are more and more common. Such a non-contact system will not work for hotel guests, but for employees it is. No access cards, chips or fingerprints are required. The software in a very short time (less than 1 second) recognizes the face and automatically opens (or not) the door, allowing the employee access to the building or its part. All possible contact points with objects have been omitted. Some models of facial recognition terminals also have temperature sensors, which additionally increases the safety of employees, and thus also guests.

Technological development affects more and more areas of our lives. Although we never wanted to face the necessity to use it in the fight against a global pandemic, it is nevertheless a good thing … that it is.

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