GSS Smart Solution and Teracue

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GSS Smart Solution and Teracue

GSS Smart Solutions assumes the product and trademark rights of Teracue GmbH.

GSS Smart Solution thus expands its product portfolio with highly professional HDMI and SDI encoders. As well as software solutions for digital signage and IPTV and DVB signal transcoding. Products with the logo “Made in Germany“. Teracue hardware and software will be back in stock soon.

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The distributor of Teracue devices in Poland is the iBeeQ company.

Professional end-to-end transmission and video streaming over IP networks.

During live video transmission, the video signals (HDMI / SDI / DVI) are either encoded directly on site or received via DVB signal transmission and fed into the network. Direct transmission over the local IP network causes only minimal signal delay, which is then sent to the destination and decoded there. Depending on your requirements, Teracue offers various options for live video streaming over an IP network. The signal can be transmitted by cable via LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network) or via LTE or satellite link.

Teracue products

  • IP video wall management and control
  • DVB-IP gateways and IPTV headends
  • Live broadcast transcoders
  • Video decoders for IPTV solutions
  • Multi-channel IPTV streaming & recording server
  • IP video wall management and control
  • Live IP streaming applications
  • IP Streamer, IP Encoder, IP Gateway and many more

IP Video Wall IP Teracue

Among the customers who use Teracuesolutions, we can find, among others :
Al Jazeera, ProSieben, Sat.1, Bloomberg, T-Mobile and many more.

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